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The Irvine Ranch is teeming with wildlife: Birds, deer, bobcats, mountain lions and many other native creatures great and small are found in abundance.

More than half a century ago, William Pereira, the urban planner and architect who created The Irvine Ranch master plan, wrote: “Master planning is not only a matter of deciding what is built on the land, but what is not.” Irvine Company never forgot his words, and under Chairman Donald Bren’s leadership, conservation reached new levels, culminating in more than nearly 57,000 acres being preserved and protected forever. The company considers the land a precious, nonrenewable resource that must be protected. This deeply held principle has brought, and will continue to bring, immeasurable benefits to nature and people from all walks of life and interests, including nature lovers, recreationists, and those who simply enjoy the beauty of the preserved lands.