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Fremont Canyon Nature Preserve

Referred to by some as “the Yosemite of Orange County,” Fremont Canyon features picturesque rock formations, caves and ridgelines that on clear days afford visitors sweeping views of Orange County, downtown Los Angeles and Palos Verdes. Fremont’s lowest and highest elevations are separated by more than 3,000 feet: 700 feet below and 2,376 feet above sea level. The canyon is rich in sensitive habitat and plant communities, including coastal sage scrub, chaparral, oak woodlands and the rare Tecate cypress. Fremont teems with wildlife, including cactus wrens, San Diego mountain kingsnakes, Bell’s sage sparrows, rock wrens, mountains lions, mule deer and golden eagles.

The "Yosemite of Orange County," Fremont Canyon is a welcoming place for nature-lovers to acquaint themselves with the canyon’s wonders.