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Existing Open Space

“My Dream”

“My dream is that The Irvine Ranch will be known and celebrated as much for what will be here forever — the sweeping expanse of beautiful and valuable open space that will never be developed — as it is for the communities we have planned and built offering an unparalleled quality of life.”


— Donald Bren, Chairman, Irvine Company

Donald Bren’s lifelong love of nature began as a young boy exploring the once-abundant open spaces in and around his native Los Angeles. “For me, open space is freedom,” he has often said when discussing why he has focused so much time, energy and financial resources on conservation. As a result of his vision and planning, more than half of The Irvine Ranch – an expanse exceeding 57,000 acres in the middle of urban Orange County – will be protected in perpetuity. It is a remarkable gift that will last forever.