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This is Your Land

Beaches, Meadows and Valleys.

Like the open spaces themselves, the variety of outdoor adventures on
The Irvine Ranch seem boundless.

Guided by a desire to create a gift that will benefit the public for generations to come, Irvine Company and its conservation partners spent decades establishing the remarkable legacy of open space on The Irvine Ranch. Encompassing 57,000 acres of beautiful and biologically valuable land, the gift is a testament to Irvine Company’s visionary leadership and community commitment. As a result of its diversity and magnitude, the land offers a wide array of activities and adventures for nature lovers and recreational enthusiasts alike. If you’ve never explored it, it’s time to lace up your hiking boots or running shoes, hop on a bike or horse, and discover firsthand why so much time and passion were invested in ensuring the land would be here for you today, tomorrow… and forever.